Temple of The Moon, Peru.

Elías Luna Jr., is a Psychologist and a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Cum Laude graduate of Nova Southeastern University. He is the former Clinical Director of Third Step Mental Health Center. A center that focused on psychosocial incorporation for people with addictions and severe mental illnesses.

After deliberating and analyzing how he could better help society, he decided to leave that role and a very successful career to start a transformative new labor of love, which is to help individuals to live a better life.

In this sense, he has dedicated himself to disseminate among his followers, his reflections on life, reaching out to each of them, through his motivational messages and by providing them with spiritual and psychological guidance.

Currently, Elias is a pioneer in the application of therapies promoting the balance between Body, Mind and Soul. A valuable initiative that has allowed his patients to undergo great changes to redirect and redefine their lives, achieving goals of professional and personal nature. Innumerable testimonies support the effectiveness of his alternatives therapies, demonstrating in this way that the commitment, the desire to achieve self-improvement and perseverance are fundamental to reach far in our lives, at levels that we ourselves never suspect, as there are no limits when we dedicate ourselves, body and soul, to achieve an objective.

He teaches that the commitment, the desire to achieve self-improvement and perseverance are all fundamental in reaching ahead in our lives. As the testimonials show, clients are able to attain new levels of awareness and achievements that they have never imagined. We go beyond any known limits when we unleash in ourselves the power to dedicate ourselves, body and soul, to reaching our full potential in life.

His proposal is oriented in practice to make each client feel empowered and expand his/her fullest potential. Couples, adolescents and families, who come to his sessions, feel very comfortable as if they were talking to a very wise friend. This is how holistic psychology is applied with everyday language, providing clients with reflections and experiences that they need to know in order to resolve their conflicts. Through his compassionate non-judgmental approach, he is able to reach the hearts of their clients, so that each person identifies and pursues the purpose of their life, to obtain personal well-being and balancing their spiritual life.

One of his greatest passion is to travel around the world, and in this way he has had the opportunity to study and learn various therapies of healing and channeling energy, from the hand of great and renowned teachers, knowledge that he has poured into his exercise professional.